Welcome Ritual and Bhoji

We love restaurants as much as you do. That’s why we’ve been helping them fill tables since 1947. Welcome to Revival.

Revival Indian Thali’s special and warm welcome that will make you feel at home.Often the first impressions created at the point of welcome, set the tone for the rest of the dining experience and in order to achieve this, Revival believes in the age old Indian Tradition of folding hands, bowing down and saying “Pranam” to all its guest.

Next to the pranam,the guest is asked to choose a flower from a flower vessel and drop it into a traditional “Urli.

Bhoji, the Bountiful, the mascot of Revival Indian Thali with all his warmth and happiness welcomes the guest. Bhoji has been designed to depict the typical Indian, for whom, food plays a central role in life and to appeal to consumers in a unique way via his ready smile and portly demeanor that reflect the satisfaction he experiences whenever a diner visits Revival.

Our Bhoji is not just a statue; he also speaks to his lovely customers! Give Bhoji the opportunity to speak to you, come dine with us!

Back to Roots

We at revival believe in taking our customers back to our roots. We’ve taken up the modern yet traditional organic approach and make sure that at least two items on our menu each day are organic in nature.

We explore and promote the Ayurvedic Cuisine (Balanced cooking). The principles of Paakashastra guide the use of ingredients and culinary practices. The menus and recipes are planned, prepared and tested with an aim to contribute to the Tridoshic balance in the body. Some such items served here are, the Amla Murrabba, the Ayurvedic Mukhwas, the Ayurvedic Chutney trio and the herbal Tulsi drink that are available to the guest every day.Eating at a restaurant is about more than just the food. The atmosphere, service, and presentation all contribute to your experience. At Revival Indian Thali, the music is chosen to reflect the restaurant’s emphasis on Indian tradition and also to form a pleasant and a relaxing environment.

We’ve kept up the Indian tradition and feel by placing and lighting an ethnic style votive on each table. The lighting of the lamp for the diner forms a part of the welcome process here and indicates that the guest has been seated, the thali set is uncovered and is now ready for the food to be served.The non-culinary aspect of Ayurveda is also experienced at Revival. Such influences are evident in the pure sandalwood hand wash. In India and especially in royal banquets or on special occasions it is customary to offer guests with a hand wash at the dining table or seat prior to and after the meal.

At Revival Indian Thali, this tradition has been revived.

Kansa Thali

Revival Indian Thali aims to revive, promote and popularise traditional Indian cuisine, customs, arts & philosophy. That extends also into the choice of dining utensils i.e. The Kansa Thali.

Ever heard of Kansa? Kansa or bell metal is a unique form of bronze  and copper,an alloy that has several medicinal properties, which the food or water kept in them acquires.

The copper in Kansa is required in the formation of haemoglobin, red blood cells and bones, it also keeps the thyroid glands functioning normally. It is believed that regular use of these vessels can have long term effects towards preventing and relieving several ailments like, gastric, diabetics, allergies etc.


Who isn’t health conscious these days! Keeping this in mind, Revival Indian Thali ensures Trans-fat free food for all of you. We take special care to use an antioxidant which is a unique adsorbent that agglomerates gums, prevents carbon deposits and helps prevent the quality of food diminish due to old oil.

Revival supports Vegetarianism and has under its trademark “Veg for Life” symbol. This can be seen from the food served at Revival Indian Thali, which is, vegetarian cuisine, from across the length and breadth of India.As a food service operator we understand our responsibility and we make sure that the diners should have not only enough food, but also the right kind of food containing the correct amounts of the various nutrients necessary for good health .To accomplish this, the Revival Indian Thali menus are carefully and skilfully planned to produce the right combinations of food in dishes that will appeal to the diners, fit the food cost budget and no menu is executed without prior approval from a qualified and authorised Nutrition guide.With growing concern about the proliferation of diabetes, obesity and cholesterol related diseases more and more diners are becoming averse to consuming carbohydrates, especially refined sugars. Keeping this in mind Revival Indian Thali has developed and offers diners dessert alternatives wherein, the sugar is replaced with Sucralose or which is naturally sweet without added refined sugar, such as fresh fruit. At least 1 out of the 3 desserts offered at Revival Indian Thali is Sugar Free or without added refined sugar. Fast food is the term given to food that can be prepared and served very quickly and Slow food is an alternative to fast food which strives to preserve traditional and regional cuisine. While slow food seems to be the need of the moment, we also know that speed has been the obsession of the modern world.  Revival Indian Thali offers a viable solution adopting only the best aspects of the two contradictory concepts thereby striking a balance of sorts and delivers the benefits to the diners. We believe in serving Slow food, fast, benefitting the society as well as the diners.

At Revival Indian Thali, we commit towards serving Safe Food to our customers by rigorously implementing practices like use of safe and good quality raw materials, secure & maintain quality of delivered products, attain highest standards of hygiene.  We continuously train and educate our employees to achieve high food safety and hygiene standards, conduct periodic audits and laboratory analysis to ensure adherence to food safety standards and integrity.


As per the Indian tradition, every server at Revival serves with this hand always positioned below the food holding the utensil from underneath.In addition it is also a healthier practise, as the food being served is held at a higher elevation, more visible to the server and always under his scrutiny. It offers the diner an unhindered view of the food being served, and makes it easy for diner to choose and indicate what he wishes to be served.For additional and handy service to the guests, every server at Revival carries a tissue paper for wiping spills; Kansa bowls for extra helpings to taste one of the 44 items served and extra spoons.

We at Revival believe in preparing and serving food that is both satisfying and safe to eat .Our key to safe food preparation and service is thorough knowledge of time-temperature control principles and strict adherence to scientifically validated industry standards. We know how to thaw food properly, cook a variety of different foods to the correct temperature for the right amount of time, and safely hold food for service.  Controlling the temperatures of food during food preparation prevents the growth of disease-causing microbes in potentially hazardous foods.

Recipe Docket

For any foodservice operation, the recipes and menus form its most important intellectual property of the business. Over the years and through its life cycle through previous brands, the Original Crawford Market Thali (Revival Indian Thali) has compiled recipes of over 5,900 food items. In its current iteration, with monthly menus comprising 44 daily items over 30 days, the business is in a position to greatly further embellish this repository of recipes. This repository supports activities such as menu planning, the Revival Indian Thali Cookbook, media features, etc.

Birthday Celebration

Birthdays have always been a special day for everyone. We at Revival believe in making it more special and personalized for our guests. If the guest comes for lunch or dinner on his/her birthday, one of the staff takes the photograph of the guest at the table and makes a note of the guest’s name, address, phone number, email ID and attaches it in the Log book. To customize it a little more, we have a digital print taken of the guest’s photograph and handed to the guest after the meal. We further celebrate the birthday by cake cutting with functional birthday music at the request of our guests. We also follow up on guests’ birthdays and anniversaries and prepare our custom designed greeting cards for the same.

Privilege Card

The Revival Gourmet card is given to guests who have visited the outlet for more than once. Every guest would avail a 20% discount on the bill, the next time he visits the outlet and can start collecting Revival Indian Thali recipe cards. On producing the Gourmet Card the guest are entitled to a 20% off on the bill. The guest shall then be given the recipe card No. 1 on the first visit, recipe card No. 2 on the second visit and so on.