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Take away boxes

With Mumbai’s ever growing traffic problem, no one wants to step outside the humble abode of their home. Revival Indian Thali brings to you take away boxes. Now, you can relax at home and enjoy your favorite Revival Indian Thali. All this at just Rs.90 at our Crawford Market outlet.


Menu of the day


2 Green Vegetables (1 Potato preparation and 1 Pulse)

2 Types of Bread/Roti (Choose from 3 breads of the day).

1 Choice of Rice (Plain Rice/Pulao/Khichdi)

1 Choice of Dal (Gujarati Dal/Gujarati Kadhi/North Indian Curry/Rajasthani Dal)

1 Dessert/Sweet (Choose from the 3 Sweets of the day)

2 Farsans (1 Fried and 1 Steamed)




Mouth freshener

Note: Menu changes everyday