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As per the Indian tradition, every server at Revival serves with this hand always positioned below the food holding the utensil from underneath.
In addition it is also a healthier practise, as the food being served is held at a higher elevation, more visible to the server and always under his scrutiny. It offers the diner an unhindered view of the food being served, and makes it easy for diner to choose and indicate what he wishes to be served.

For additional and handy service to the guests, every server at Revival carries a tissue paper for wiping spills; Kansa bowls for extra helpings to taste one of the 30 items served and extra spoons.

We at Revival believe in preparing and serving food that is both satisfying and safe to eat .Our key to safe food preparation and service is thorough knowledge of time-temperature control principles and strict adherence to scientifically validated industry standards. We know how to thaw food properly, cook a variety of different foods to the correct temperature for the right amount of time, and safely hold food for service.  Controlling the temperatures of food during food preparation prevents the growth of disease-causing microbes in potentially hazardous foods.