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We at revival believe in taking our customers back to our roots. We’ve taken up the modern yet traditional organic approach and make sure that at least two items on our menu each day are organic in nature.

We explore and promote the Ayurvedic Cuisine (Balanced cooking). The principles of Paakashastra guide the use of ingredients and culinary practices. The menus and recipes are planned, prepared and tested with an aim to contribute to the Tridoshic balance in the body. Some such items served here are, the Amla Murrabba, the Ayurvedic Mukhwas, the Ayurvedic Chutney trio and the herbal Tulsi drink that are available to the guest every day.

Eating at a restaurant is about more than just the food. The atmosphere, service, and presentation all contribute to your experience. At Revival Indian Thali, the music is chosen to reflect the restaurant’s emphasis on Indian tradition and also to form a pleasant and a relaxing environment.

We’ve kept up the Indian tradition and feel by placing and lighting an ethnic style votive on each table. The lighting of the lamp for the diner forms a part of the welcome process here and indicates that the guest has been seated, the thali set is uncovered and is now ready for the food to be served.

The non-culinary aspect of Ayurveda is also experienced at Revival. Such influences are evident in the pure sandalwood hand wash. In India and especially in royal banquets or on special occasions it is customary to offer guests with a hand wash at the dining table or seat prior to and after the meal.

At Revival Indian Thali, this tradition has been revived.